Cubase 11 pro iussue workflow

Hi all of you, I wanted to report some bugs in the workfolw window.
I’m sorry for my english.

steinberg hub menu has white lines on hot keys

the mouse selection area does not scale with the movement of the mouse
selection area

dragging a take leaves white lines

you see black lines in the mixer’s insert and send panels

good day everyone and lots of good music


I don’t see any of these here on my system.

  1. What OS do you use (macOS/Windows, version…), please
  2. What graphic card do you use, please? Is your graphic card driver up-to-date?
  3. What screen-resolution do you use? Do you use HiDPI? What scaling is set in the system and what scaling is set in Cubase.

OS windows 10 pro 1903
Graphic card GeForce GTX 1070
Monitor benq BL3200
Screen-resolution 2560 x 1440 layout 125%


First of all, try to update your graphics card driver, please. I don’t know if GeForce offers some specific Studio driver (like Nvidia does) or if there is any other trick to switch it to a “DAW” mode… Please investigate.

Reported CAN-33302