Cubase 11 Pro, 'loading certain version 10 projects' crashing without warning, unexpectedly (but the program itself opens fine)

Some of my 10 Pro projects open fine, but some after a certain loading time just vanish (crashing).

I have my unusable VSTs blacklisted on 11 Pro.
But how shall I fix this sudden crashing/vanishing error?

Thanks in advance.
*Normally Cubase gives sign of un-openable VSTs, but for 11 Pro, the app just closes… this is really hard to fix.
Checking every possible cause of VST would take days for me… ooh…

Any possible way out?

I know exactly the crash you are talking about , it’s happened to me twice , sorry i can’t give you a clear fix for this but i think it is plugin related and to do with the black list s you mentioned and the only way is … slow and painful , you could disable the plugins starting Cubase to see if it persists

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At the moment, I wish Cubase shows just warning notes… just like 10 Pro and the previous versions… I do own Softube Bundle 4… I am updating all its plugins right now if it fixes the problem but, I highly doubt Softube ones are the cause because I have purchased it like a week ago… umm other than that, Cubase Pro 11 opens up fine, projects without any problematic vsts inserted, they open up just fine.

I will have a check. But also, I do not even get the crash log… it just disappears lol…

OTHER than this, I love Cubase 11 Pro!

Um, may I ask you, what was the cause for your case?? which VSTs? and also how you have fixed it? :slight_smile:

I hear you , you normally get some sort of report but, nothing , ive only had this twice and it was i do believe when i installed Acoustica Plugin’s on the channels , not 100% sure as it’s not happened since ive stopped using them but …