Cubase 11 Pro loses Reason Rewire channel connections

Cubase 11.0.10 - Original Licensed
Reason 10.4d4 - Original Licensed

Hi - I have been using rewire with cubase successfully for months not tried it for a while though. Today I tried to rewire REASON into Cubase and it was fine except the channel output routing references had to be manually reassigned. So…Open cubase…open Reason…in the inspector left hand window… if I load up Reason with a single piano then switch back to cubase (with the rewire option already enabled) I can manually assign my keyboard input to the Reason Piano output and all is good - Save Reason. Save Cubase. Close Reason. Close Cubase…Now when I go to open Cubase (the exact file I was working on opens but the output routing (to reason piano) says ‘no connection’. Open Reason, reload last file…same. I then have to manually select reason Piano from the output connection drop down and all is good - Imagine a large arrangement and this is a real B*** ache.

Question is how do I get Cubase to memorise my rewired channels so when I load it up they are all there, at the moment I have to manually reassign everytime I close Cubase and/or reason. Anyone else got the same issues? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

You have to start Reason, before you load the project, otherwise the Reason ReWire port is missing, therefore you get the “No Connection” message. Or am I missing something?

Hi Martin - Thanks for your reply.

If I start Reason before Cubase, either Cubase crashes or during initiation it says they are unmapped and gives me an option to ‘remove tracks that could not be connected’. If I cancel that it opens Cubase and then says Reason could not be started - Close Reason and start again. So I do that and Reason wont restart because it says Access Denied. The operation could not be restarted because the device denied access. The manual specifically states to start cubase first, but I also read somewhere in one of the forums (and cannot remember where) that you have to start Reason first.

Hi Neil, welcome,
What I do is Start Cubase, then enable Reason Rewire first. For some reason, it gets shut off when you open a project from the previous Cubase version (I think). Once you do that everything is good. Studio-Rewire settings.

SOLVED - I did nothing really spectacular; came back to it this morning…Opened Cubase Project which had the REWIRE connections in, waited for it to tell me that the sounds were unmapped (which happens before the Cubase Project fully loads up) then opened REASON at this point (whilst the unmapped connections screen was still open). Once in REASON I opened up my song which has all my instruments in that were being used via rewire, then CUBASE connected perfectly…I can’t explain this other than it worked. But thanks for all of your help everybody. I should add,

Cubase and Reason rewired is a beautiful thing. Although I feel slightly seen off by the Props (or should I say… Reason Studios) upgrade policy…which is one of the reasons I switched back to Cubase after years in absentio and why I am not upgrading Reason. (Props…Where’s your gratitude for my long term loyalty? I’ve upgraded every version yet still have to pay the same as somebody who has a license for Reason 1…Madness, but a great deal for those with a Reason 1 License). I’m now back with Cubase and staying for as long as they dont make the same upgrade policy errors. Loving Cubase but massive learning curve again though. Thanks again.