Cubase 11 pro meters not working

I just upgraded from cubase pro 9.5 to 11 and for some reasons I cannot get the big meter on the right side of the screen to work during recording, it only works during playback.

The meters on the actual tracks and on the mixer work, but the big meter on the right does not work during recording or when trying to set my input levels.

I can’t find any settings for this does anybody know how to fix this, it is a giant pain trying to use those small meters.

sorry that I have to say the obvious
Read the manual

If anything is routed to the master bus the meter will show it’s level
if nothing is routed it will show nothing

I have read the manual and there is nothing in there about this issue, also I did not have this problem in cubase 9.5 and my settings were copied over from it.

Thanks for nothing

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Can someone verify this for me by doing the following.
Open a new instance of cubase pro 11
add a instrument track of padshop or any other vst or add an audio track either one.
Now play a few notes and see if anything shows up on the master meter.
I get something on all of the other meters but not the master meter.

The master meter only starts to work when I either start recording or during playback.
This makes setting input levels a little hard when you have to rely on those small meters. Thanks,

I finally found the solution to my problem so I will post it here if anybody else has the same problem. It seems that if you check the box in the loudness meter settings that says reset on start this turns off the main meter display for some reason, I don’t know if this is a bug or by design but either way it is simply stupid.