Cubase 11 Pro MIDI Doesn't Work

None of my instrument tracks are seeing MIDI Inputs.
In the bottom right corner of the project i can see the MIDI activity
but in the track itself there is nothing. (No MIDI activity)
This is happening on all instrument tracks
I’ve done a MIDI reset and checked the MIDI ports and everything seems OK.
It all works OK in Cubase 10.5 Pro

I guess that you don’t get any sound either, so…

  1. In an instrument track, the only activity directly seeable is an audio one (the audio output of the involved VSTi), so it’s rather normal. To check any MIDI receiving, it’s better to check in each of the involved VSTi windows.

  2. Beside this, which MIDI device have you and what ports have you listed in the inspector of an instrument track Input routing drop-down list ? Maybe try with ‘All MIDI inputs’ at a first stage…

  3. At the end, and just to check : could you make a screenshot of your Studio setup…>MIDI port setup pane ?

Hopefully attached will show you.

Thanks, it does, even if I would have liked to see what was available in the Input routing drop down list in the inspector. In example, I have this, in my usual template, using two MIDI controllers directly plugged to my USB interface (it has two MIDI ports) via MIDI DIN cables :

Two observations :

  1. AFAIK, the Komplete Audio 6 is an interface with a MIDI in/out port, so it seems to me that the Axiom 25 is redundent as, IMO, the Axiom should be connected to the MIDI input of your Komplete Audio 6 interface. And why two of them (Axiom 25 + Axiom 25 Ext) ?

  2. Another thing is the ‘DirectMusic’ label in the Device column : as long as I could remember (it’s been a while…) it seems that this appears when there is no actual ASIO driver for the MIDI/Audio interface (Komplete Audio 6, in your case). Do you have an ASIO driver installed for it ?

This said, I’m unable to help you if you are using USB for MIDI connections, as I always kept all these with regular MIDI DIN connectors : I still avoid any USB connections for MIDI related tasks. An odd habit of mine…

Thanks for the reply here’s the inputs. This set up works prefctly in Cubase 10.5
Pleas see attached

OK, but are you sure that the MIDI setups of both your Cubase versions are exactly the same ? I’m still wondering about the fact that the ‘DirectMusic’ option is activated, in your case, and I’m surprised that your rather recent hardware devices need it, as it is a deprecated Windows API.

It’s the same with windowsmidi activated, i just haven’t changed it back.
Everything is the same as Cubase 10.5 and that works

There is no reason for any behavior change between the two versions and I know this, having done the update not that long ago. Absolutly no issue of this kind, using both versions with the same MIDI configuration.

So, I’m afraid that I have no solutions, if both 10.5 and 11.0 MIDI setups are strictly the same, beside checking everything again. Can’t help much more, as I don’t have the same gear as yours. Sorry… :confused:

Thanks For your Time