Cubase 11 pro midi note writing problem:

when I draw a midi note the minimum length is 1/16 even if I have selected the grid at 1/32 or 1/64 or 1/128. this problem with cubase 10.5 does not happen. someone tell me the reason? thank you

But are you setting the length? Or “Use Quantize” or “Quantize Link”?

I want the length of the note based on the quantization … I am attaching a video peak so you understand … with cubase 10.5 it works, with cubase 11 it does not … thanks…
( I want to send you a screen video of the problem, but the forum forbids me to attach photos, videos and links …)

You should set the length to “Quantize Link” as shown in the image above.

No video needed.

ok thanks solved … the “quantize link” menu was hidden :grin:

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