Cubase 11 Pro not upgradable (Cubase Pro 12 upgrade, grace period)

I’ve been using Cubase 11 Pro education since this Feb, 2022
I tried to upgrade into Cubase Pro 12 education, so I ran the ‘Steinberg Activation Manager’ and ran grace period check. Then I logged in to ‘Steinbery account > My products’, and checked there is Cubase Pro 12 education (inactivated).
To activate Cubase Pro 12, I ran ‘Steinberg Activation Manager’ and activated Cubase Pro 12 (I can see it right now)
To download Cubase Pro 12, I copied the ‘Download Access Code’ and entered it into ‘Steinberg Download Assistant > Enter your download access code’.
But as I proceed, it shows ‘Cubase 11 pro (not upgradable)’ and when I log in to ‘Steinberg account > My products’, I can only see Cubase Pro 11 (not upgradable) and Cubase Pro 12 is disappeared.
I don’t know why the Cubase Pro 12 suddenly disappeared at my account, and why I cannot upgrade the Cubase 11 pro license by ‘eLicenser Control Center’.
Thank you for reading this text. I’m waiting for your response.

I found Cubase Pro 12 available at ‘Steinberg Download Assistant’, but still I can’t see Cubase Pro 12 license at my steinberyg account > My products page.
Why the Cubase Pro 12 license suddenly disappeared at my account?

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It’s like that for everyone. Hopefully Steinberg fixes it once the traffic and early issues go down. I too would like to know that I “own” the license.

But in the meantime v12 works just fine (and without the dongle) so enjoy that :slight_smile:

The good news is that it sounds like you’ve completed the process successfully.

Your Cubase 12 license should be showing as “Active” in Steinberg Activation Manager and your Cubase 11 licenses has been marked as “non-upgradeable” which means it cannot be used again for a future upgrade.

I think you’re all set!

But shouldn’t Cubase Pro 12 appear in ‘My products’ tab of Steinberg Download Assistant as well? Will you be fixing that eventually?

For now it feels a bit like a dirty hack :wink:

Yes, I believe it should appear there but it isn’t at the moment. I’ll check with my colleagues. In the meantime, downloading Cubase 12 from the Cubase section of SDA does the same thing.

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Yes, I’m aware and did that.

But it isn’t OBVIOUS to anyone who’s not following the events on forums, etc. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into it! :+1:

Cubase Pro 11 (Not upgradeable ) should simply be renamed Cubase 12 Pro.
It would have saved me and everyone else a lot of waisted time by just calling it what it really is or am I missing something.

We will consider changing the wording of this license. It will remain “Cubase 11” as it still the license to run Cubase 11 and earlier (for backwards compatibility after your Cubase 12 upgrade).

The Cubase 12 license is part of the new Steinberg Licensing system and can be managed in Steinberg Activation Manager.