Cubase 11 Pro - Range Selection Tool - Copy-Paste Bug

I’ve been noticing this problem with Cubase for a while now and it’s been driving me crazy

Here’s a video showing the problem: Cubase 11 Pro - Range Selection Tool - Copy-Paste Bug - YouTube

With the range selection tool with snap to grid on I select 16 bars from bar 72 to bar 88. Then when I try and paste them somewhere else the pasted section gets shifted forward by just a little bit. Sometimes it gets shifted by much more, sometimes buy very tiny amounts. It’s super annoying because unless you are actively looking for it it’s easy to miss it.

Both sections have the same tempo and time signature(the whole song does for that matter)

Has anyone else experienced this before? Is it a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to fix it?

Thank you all in advance.

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Isn’t it related to the Snap point business, which has been heavily discussed for example here?

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The real question is what makes the Snap Point shift by its own (if this is the case).

Snap Point behavior (memory refresher)

snap point

@georgi.joni.ivanov, this is why the copy process fails to meet the expectations:

Yeah, that’s probably it. Any way to fix this? Remove the snap point or set it to the beginning of the clip automatically?

It seems that there’s no way to automatically move the Snap Point to the begining of the audio clip. I wonder, though, why did it get moved by its own.


It moves from the Event starts when you extend the Audio Event on the left side. Also if you Import Audio, Cubase set the Audio Event Start to the audio file start and set the Snap Point where it was when recording. Then it’s out of the Audio Event Start again.

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Actually there’s something you can do. You can create a macro with the following commands:

1 - Locate Selection Start

2 - PLE preset to move the selected event 1 ms to the left

Screenshot 1

3 - Snap Point to Cursor

4 - PLE preset to move the selected event 1 ms to the right

Screenshot 2

The above macro will automatically place the Snap Point to the beginning of the audio event (not clip!). If you’d like to automatically place the Snap Point to the beginning of the clip, you would have to find a way to move the Event Start (screenshot below) to the begining of the clip (then back where it was).

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Just to add more worms to the can, I often import files from a client’s song into my own cubase song with my templet as a starting point to mix. If the files are Broadcast Wave files you can simply import the waves into your song with the same tempo grid and then select "move to original position and all files will fall in the right place. Except they wont. The snap overrides the time position and some files are totally out of sync.


Yes, this is the way, how to Snap point jumps out of the Audio Event Start.

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What’s even more bizarre, and kind of funny to be honest, is that if I select with the Range Selection Tool and then hold ALT and drag out a copy of the selection and drop it in the same place I was pasting it before it works fine.

But if I copy/paste… Nope :slight_smile:

I’ll probably spend some time today or tomorrow trying to figure out what makes the snap point move by itself and I’ll write back if I find anything interesting.

In the meantime, any more suggestions of ways to avoid this would be great

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I’m having the same problem when I use the range tool to copy and paste time. This is annoying. :rage:

Yes this is an old problem and I still don’t know why Cubase haven’t included a bypass button for disabling the tracks snap point to enable accurate grid snapping. And “Grid Relative” does not solve this problem, believe me I have tried everything. And shifting the snap point in every audio clip is not the answer when you copy 60 tracks at a time. Sometimes the shift from the chosen grid snap point is so small you cant see it without zooming in. Another issue with it is importing tracks to Often some tracks snap to a before position, clipping the start of the audio. this is a nightmare when mastering my final mixes. I have to remember to check the start of every track to avoid clipping the song start. Is this addressed in V12?