Cubase 11 Pro, sampler track (drag and drop) not working / crashes without a message


I’ve been really enjoying working with Cubase so far, but I can’t seem to figure out why the sampler doesn’t work for me. Does anyone else have the same problem? My Cubase just shuts itself after a few seconds, without any warnings or signs. It’s really frustrating.

Hello and yes, I have this exact same issue. I was only able to use this feature correctly once, right after I installed 11 pro and since then a crash and POOF! happens every time. Hopefully, this can be addressed soon.

Hi, Yes right with you two guys,

In a new empty project I Just tried dragging an audio file into sample track, where previously it wouldn’t accept it at all this time it looked as though it was going to accept it. But no, a full crash immediately. Have had Softube Fader 1 plugins running before but not for this test. Anybody?

Hi guys,

Yes… same problem here.
Thought I’d give this a try… but when I drag in a sample Cubase crashes.
Hope there will be a solution for this…