Cubase 11 Pro sends bug #issue

Hi i’ve imported a project from Cubase 9.5 where i had the same issue.
I’ve some some vst tracks with sends routed to an fx channel.
If i click the solo button of that fx channel it doesn’t put the “s” on every track with the send directed to it.
If i go to these “infamous” tracks i see that the send is correctly activated but they don’t “give sound” to the fx channel.
Now i turn off the send and then i turn it on.
Then i click “s” on the fx channel and magically now all the tracks have the “s”.
If i save the project and load it again, all this procedure is lost and i have to do it again.
This is a very annoying bug, because i’ve always to check if all my sends are working correctly.

Am i the only one facing this issue?


To me it sounds, something become corrupted in the project. But the good news is, you can fix it by turning the Send Off and On.