Cubase 11 Pro. Set Mix Console 0 point to different values eg. -16db, -18db and so on

Windows 10
Cubase Pro 11

Is it possible to calibrate the Mix Console 0.00 point to actually be -16db or -18db and so on?

In other words with the 0.00 set to -16db, as long as you set the output of the loudest sound from a Virtual Instrument to peak at, or just under, 0.00 then you will know that your signal from the VSTi will always be at an average -16 dbfs, -18 dbfs or what ever figure you prefer.

I have checked Preferences > Metering-Appearance > Scale
but those presets seem to be add +9, + 18 and so on.

Many thanks

Check Project > Project Setup

Hi Nickeldome

Already checked that, 2 choices - Volume Max +6 dB or + 12dB

That’s for actual gain though, correct? Not the ‘calibration’ of the meter.

You could simply re-color the meter so that the point you want to be zero is where one color switches to another. It’ll probably be easier to read anyway rather than finding a number.

True but that does not calibrate the zero point for correct gain staging.

You can set levels correctly without moving the zero point though. If you look at a meter and it says “0” and that means -18dBFS then it’s a visual indication to you. If you look at a meter and the line between for example green and yellow means -18dBFS then again that’s a visual indication to you. It accomplishes exactly the same goal so you don’t have to “calibrate the zero point for correct gain staging”. The clear shift from one color to another should surely be easier to see as well, rather than having to see exactly where “0” is on the meter.

I’d add too that if you reset “0” to mean “-18dBFS” then if you forget that or if you have someone else work on your computer and they don’t know that then the number is just plain wrong. So leaving the meter as it is will limit the potential for confusion. As a matter of fact I think that if this option existed a ton of users would be very confused because they are confused enough as it is and now they’d be looking at a meter that might not really mean what it says.

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Very much agree with this advice. But key to this working is you need to set your Meter Colors so they abruptly change and don’t fade from one color to the other. In order for that to work you need to have 2 color ‘markers’ for each transition - one for the color above and another for below.


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Thank you for all of your replies which I appreciate.

I hope what I am about to say does not come across as rude as it is not meant to be.

I was not not asking for alternative ways of calibrating the meters, I asked if it was possible period using -18 dBFS as an example.

I have specific reasons for needing to do this and any modern professional DAW should allow you to calibrate the meters as indeed many hardware consoles do.

I know many people do not believe in “gain staging” but when clients are asking for it, as are Mastering Houses, then I need to respond.

No worries.

I disagree. If anything you should be able to switch meters from one thing to another, if it’s available. In other words I really don’t think it would be wise to reset “FS” to “FS minus whatever”. It is no longer “FS” if it’s offset. Sounds like you would be better off with an alternate VU meter with a 0VU= -XdBFS calibration. I’d think that would be fine, but it’s a different thing.

You can respond to it and gain stage all day long. Most of us who work in Cubendo professionally do. You just don’t need to see “0” to do it. You already have “-18” and you have color coding to do it.

If your clients don’t comprehend that simple concept then you should educate them.


How about adding a gain plugins before and after the meters?