Cubase 11 Pro, 'Side-Chain' source gets emptied after 'disabling' and enabling the source track

So… as the title says,
Is this normal…?

I had almost 100 tracks and… had about 8 Side-chained tracks,
I was stem-summing last night… and realized, (because due to heavy cpu usage, I tend to disable/enable fairly frequently)

If I disable the source track and enable it again,
for example, if it is ‘KICK’ track that is sending out,
The receipient track’s source info also get refreshed and I needed to set it again.
(Thank God, the parameters stay the same)

Any… way around…?

If this is normal then it if totally fine :slight_smile:
I guess I shall really stay aware! hehe…

Also *when I try to route the output, you know even though you set source track as pre-fader, (lets say I stem out group after ‘soloing’ that group) the source signal does not come in right…? So I used to just put post-fader way down to 0dBFS. Maybe this sounds a noob-y, but how do you professionals deal with ‘pre-faded’ side-chained track rendering/exporting/signalling(?)…?

Thanks a bunch!

Cubase 11 Pro, ‘Side-Chain’ source gets emptied after ‘disabling’ and enabling the source track

This is how it is and how it has been for a while. It makes no sense to me especially since there isn’t even a warning. I’d consider this a bug. Or at least ‘unexpected behaviour’.

Being aware of it I export the tracks in question and just disable the plugins. But that complicates the workflow…


aha! ok ok no worries :slight_smile: This is not a major downside, at least I know now, it is what it is but um,

For those who work and do everything including mixing and mastering inside Cubase Pro ‘must’ be aware of this huh especially for those who are doing professional commercial works on it.

So yeah… I mean, it was at first really frustrating to open up an older backup project to ‘check’ every side-chain source track by actually writing the list down haha but um… yeah! hopefully, Cubase sees or hears about this and fix it or make it more integrated! (*In fact, if they wanna defend, they could cause technically… the track is being disabled, which means, the computer would think that it is permanently ditched or trashed… but for me, I use ‘disabling’ and ‘enabling’ so many times lol I kinda find this issue slightly annoying lol

I am not extremely disappointed but… I am slightly scared that… Cubase Pro 11 may have more buggy-type flaws like this that I am not aware of ‘yet’…

Thanks for sharing your thought, mtibes!