Cubase 11 Pro Stopped working - Licence not found Error


My pathway to Cubase 11 Pro was as below

Elements Trial for 30 days
Then paid for the full version and upgraded to Elements
Then paid an upgrade fee and upgraded to Cubase Pro

I’ve been using the since May 2021 but suddenly yesterday I got a “Licence not found error”. When I look at my eLicenser - there is only the expired trial version of elements in there.

When I activate my Cubase Pro Licence it say there is no valid licence to upgrade, so I believe it is looking for a full version of elements. So when I activate my full version of Elements, I get an error saying the code was already used. It all dead ends - and the Cubase support appears to have shut shop and gone home.

I’m working for my school project and the deadline is 04 Jan 2021, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you sure, you have activated Cubase Elements in the MySteinberg account, you are using right now?

Can you see Cubase Elements license in your mySteinberg account?

Btw, do you own USB-eLicenser already?

Hi Martin

Yes, I should have activated the Elements otherwise I could not have installed the Pro upgrade. But for some reason, I can’t find the licence when I login to my account - I can only find the Pro Upgrade licence. It is all very confusing.

Even Elements is not working because my Licenser only has the Expired Trial version and it won’t accept when I Activate my code.

Yes. for Pro I do have the USB Stick.




Can you see the Pro license on the USB-eLicenser?

If you did everything correctly, you don’t own Elements license anymore. The license has been upgraded to Pro license. So you should see your Cubase Pro only, which sits on the USB-eLicenser. The USB-eLicenser has to be always plugged in when you run Cubase.

Thanks Martin

It turns out the USB has come out a little bit, so I re-plugged the USB and everything works.
I would not have checked it without the cue from you. Thanks again.