Cubase 11 Pro - Tempo Track: Half time / Double time with bars staying in-tact

Hello there,
I’m running into an issue with the Tempo Track configuration in Cubase 11 Pro.
I’m sure there is some sort of workaround for it, but I don’t know how to tackle it.
Here’s what I want to achieve:
I’m working on scoring a scene from a movie, and I figured out most of the tempo-track. (Hitting a couple of cuts, and in general getting the tempi right for the different cues.)
Now, I wanted the start of this scene to begin at 55 BPM when I programmed the tempo mapping, but now I realise that it would be better, musically, to have it as 110 BPM.

Here’s what the tempo track along the scene looks like:

When I simply change the points in bar 1(.1.1) and 9(.1.1) to 110 BPM, obviously everything shifts because there are too few bars, but when I shift everything over 8 bars it doesn’t allign.
I reckon it’s because of the accellerando from 9.1.1 to 11.1.1 but would there be any way to fix this in Cubase. I could figure out the math by hand, but it seems like quite a tedious fix for something this simple.
Is there a function or logical solution I’m missing, or a decent workaround for this issue?

(I might note that this will be performed with clicktrack and recorded, so ‘faking it’ is not an option. The click has to be able to allign with the score and tempo map to be imported into ProTools so all the bar numbers are sync during the recording.)

Thanks very much in advance!

Hi @MartijnJongman ,
as you have already noticed yourself, it is not a problem to increase the tempo of a certain range, e.g. from 55 to 110 bpm.
But what you would like, if I have understood you correctly: At the same time as the tempo change, the bar structure should be adjusted so that the absolute time points for the tempo changes are retained.
In my opinion, this is not possible in Cubase, at least not with one step.

One solution would be the Project Logical Editor.
With this you can change the tempo values, e.g. multiply by a factor of 2, as well as change the position of the tempo events.

The application of the multiplication to the position of the tempo events would always refer to the bar position (ppq value) and not the time position.

The easiest solution to your problem would probably be to manually insert an appropriate number of bars after doubling the tempo values of some tempo events.

Thank you for your reply.
I will try this method, I think it can safe on time with calculations. I will let you know if it works as soon as I try it out!

Is there a way to insert bars only in ‘musical time’ so the movie doesn’t split and only the recorded midi (and tempo points etc…) get pushed back by the added bars?

Unfortunately, I have no experience with video tracks, but MIDI tracks / parts can be switched from tempo-linear to time-linear, then they keep their position in time, whereas the position of the MIDI events shifts within the bar structure

When you insert bars, MIDI parts are cut and moved!
To get the right part back to it’s old position, you have to push it back manually and glue the parts together