Cubase 11 Pro upgrades

Hi, I own Cubase 11 Artist and I want to upgrade to version 11 Pro.
Is there an upgrade to Cubase 11 Pro from Cubase 11 Artist?
Thanks in advance.
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Original message:
Bonjour,j’utilise cubase 11 artist, je veux changer vers 11 pro.
Est-ce qu’il existe une mise à jours cubase 11 pro à partir de cubase 11 artiste.
Merci d’avance

Hi, welcome to the board.
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You can get the upgrade from the website:
Click on “Cubase”, then “Buy Cubase 11” (Acheter Cubase 11).
Then “Buy Cubase Pro 11” (Acheter Cubase Pro 11)
Click on “Updates & upgrades” (Mises à jour & mises à niveau)
And select your current Cubase version under Upgrade.

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Hello and thank you for your answer, it’s done I’m sorry to write in French because my English is tired :tired_face: thank you very much .