Cubase 11 Pro VariAudio

Hello everyone I work in Cubase 11 Pro who knows how to fix in VariAudio strip music color,
but rather if the key on the MIDI keyboard white, then I want to VariAudio this area was highlighted white stripe
and if a key on the MIDI keyboard black, respectively, I want to keep the line was black, like in Melodyne 5. And here everything is the opposite, well, it is very inconvenient to work with voice alignment. Thank you for the answer))).

I apologize in advance for the crooked translation of the program from the Russian language (((

How to make hoyabs like this? as in the photo above.

The photo above was taken from YouTube, in my opinion the program they have is Cubase 10

Use the Color Schemes settings in Preferences.

Adjust the Editor Area Background.

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Thank you for your answer!))) Can I get a little more detailed?

Best thing is to play with the color controls. Click on the colored square to the left of Editor Area Background. to see the controls.

It did not help, I could not change the colors in places, as I wanted (((

The black key, this is the black zone, the white, this is the white zone, but what was said when I changed the parameters, everything changed, but not what I wanted (((

Or write which parameter is responsible for changing this color of notes and stripes, thank you very much in advance!)))

Are these images from your own computer?

You should play with the settings so you can learn what they do, especially with the language barrier.

Here what are you looking for.
Important: color changed for Editor area background

I know this background color editor applies to the project area and the Cubase editor area background but does it also apply to Variaudio? ‘aan1982’ needed the black & white strips in Variaudio’s background to align with the vertical piano keyboard’s black & white keys in the left zone.

Yes, and this screenshot, exactly what he looking for.

Guys, thank you all! For a quick response and help))). Everything worked out, now I like everything. )))