Cubase 11 Pro will not play or record audio

I started in Cubase with VST back when Dinosaurs roamed the earth. Did an upgrade to 11 pro from 7.5 got everything in all me plugins and no audio. Nothing works. I followed the instructions regarding Studio Connections and Audio Setup, nothing, nada. Made sure the busses are selected, nothing and staring at the screen does nothing. Any ideas are appreciated.

Thanks Don.

Your chances of getting a response may increase with additional info (operating system, audio interface)

Thanks, will do.

I am using Windows 10 and the interface is Steinberg UR44. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.

Without knowing what detailed steps you actually took, it won’t be easy to figure out what might be going on. So I’ll start taking some blind shots at questions:

Did you install the most recent Win10 drivers for your UR44?

  • If yes, did you configure Windows to use the UR44 as it’s main sound output device?
  • If yes, is that working?
  • If no, can you try to do that (to get some evidence that the UR44 hardware is powered, turned on and working)?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did configure Windows to use the UR44 and I downloaded new drivers. I can play YouTube videos or Netflix, I can load in a vst instrument and Superior Drums and all kinds of plugins and it will play back and record but will not record or play an audio track. I can even plug my bass into the UR before opening Cubase and it will play. There must be a bad connection either in input or output. I can see vu meter going up and down on the transport bar but not the channel/track of the audio channel. It works fine on a vst channel. It has to be something simple I am overlooking. Thanks.

I thought it was a simple solution and it was. Note to self, when you plug into a channel on the UR44, try to select that same track in Cubase. I feel soooo super stupid. Thanks for all the help. Peace.

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