Cubase 11 problem with monitors

I use Cubase 11 under Windows 10 with two computer monitors. When I use the first monitor everything is ok. When I use the second monitor and I click to a midi or audio track it moves without any control. Please help me!

Could you explain what you mean by “it moves without any control?”

Maybe show a .gif or screen shot?

Plus on top of what Greg has already said ,would be good to know your graphics card ,drivers and windows version

In the first monitor when I move a midi part from number 9 bar to 10 for example, it’s ok. Let’s say that the second monitor starts on bar 60 and that I want to move it on bar 70. When I try to do this, it jumps to bar 100 instead of 70. I took a video which shows the problem but the system won’t let me upload the video due to the fact that I am a new user.
I use Windows 10 x 64 and my Graphic Card is AMD RADEON HD5670. Driver Date 3/8/2015.
Version 15.200.1062.1004

Here is a link with a video where you can clearly see the issue I told you I have

In the video you will see via the link above, when I move a part with the mouse at the left monitor the movement is as expected, if I do the same at the right monitor the part jumps away… Is there any solution for the issue?

That looks weird. I don’t drag my Project page over 2 monitors so I’m at a loss. A few questions:

  1. Did this happen in prior versions of Cubase?
  2. Are your video displays same make and model?
  3. What type of connection are you using on each display?
  4. Double check all Windows settings are correct for multiple displays?
  5. If you drug for example Mix Console 1, or Key/Drum editors over both displays, are there any issues there? Or does this only happen when dragging the Project Page over both monitors, and specifically,…just moving parts in the Project Page?
  6. Do avoid driver conflict, have you cleaned out any old drivers and this 3/8/2015 is really the latest?

Hopefully someone with your display card can offer some insight.