Cubase 11 project problem - slow and no sound


Just opened a Cubase 11 Pro project that worked fine yesterday. Now there’s no sound on any channel and the project is super slow. Really slow. Other project’s work fine. Seems to be some issue with graphics also (see attached).

Any thoughts on this? Have a i7 Windows 10 computer from this year, no cracked plugins. Have tried rebstarting both the computer and Cubase.


This doesn’t look healthy. Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

If I start Cubase and disable 3rd party plugins the project opens fine and I get sound from the audio samples. So I guess it’s something with the a 3rd party plugin. But it’s strange that other projects works fine, it just this one that’s messed up. Don’t think I use any specifc plugin in this project that I haven’t used on other projects. And it just stopped working all of a sudden. The only thing I installed recenlty was an update of the iLOK license manager. Really strange…


have you tried in Cubase Safe Start Mode?

Have you tried to update your Graphic card driver, please? What graphic card do you use, please?

It seems to be the ASIO4ALL driver that is the issue. If I start Cubase with defualt preferences and select my Audient driver, the project works fine. But the thing is that it’s only this one project that’s problematic. If I open other projects and use ASIO4ALL it works fine. I have the latest ASIO4ALl driver from May 2017.

Now this happened again to another project… It works fine, then the next day when I open it it freezes. If I start Cubase in Safe mode with 3rd party plugins disabled the project opens fine.

I guess it’s something with a 3rd party plugin driver? But I’m not using anything different from other projects, so it seems to happen a bit randomly.

EDIT: A previous saved version of this project works fine. It just the last verison of it that freezes. Really strange.