Cubase 11 quits without notice!

I have Cubase 11 on Mac connected to two servers, a Mac and a PC running VEPro 7. All software updated.
I have this strange issue today: I opened a project and didn’t do anything at all, and after 15 min. Cubase just quit and all instruments in the VEPro 7 servers are unloaded.
No crash information. Now I’m looking for the crash log and can’t find them anywhere. The User guide has NO info about where to look.
Any help much appreciated!


The crash reports can be found in the Console. Just search for “Console” in the Spotlight Search. You can then just right-click on a crash report and show it in the finder. It should be somewhere like /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports


Hi Matthias
Just updated to Nuendo 11. First launch = crash on open my latest project.
Can you look at the crash report and give me a hint about what could be the cause?Nuendo (42.9 KB)

Thanks. I transferred the report in our system. Are all you plug-ins updated to the latest version? UAD in particular? Would you please delete your preferences folder (back up first!) and try to restart. Still crashing?

We have informed UAD about the issue.

All the best,

Thank you!