Cubase 11 random shutdown


I have a serious problem after upgrading from Cubase 10.5 to 11.
The app randomly shuts down. It doesn’t matter if I’m working on a project or just having the project open. After about 4-5 minuts (usualy) the app just freezes for a second or two and then shuts down. No warning. No crashscreen. Nothing…
I have be using Cubase for years and never had this problem…
Any suggestions?
Kind Regards

Hi Martin, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

windows/mac ?

if windows is there anything in the application event log ?
have you tried deleting (backing up first) your preferences
C11 isn’t much different to 10.5 so if it was working in that version it should be possible to get a working C11 install.

FWIW you are probably going to need to provide a little more information to help debug.

Hi Dr. S
Thanks for your reply! Yeah sorry about the missing spec info:
I’m on PC with Windows (lateste version). CPU: i9 10920X, MB: Asus TUF X299, 32 GB RAM.
I’ve tried setting up a new profile in Cubase. That didn’t work. I’ve tried reinstalling. That didn’t work either.
Not really sure what to do next?
Any chance it could be a faulty eLicence dongle?

anything is possible but dongle failures normally give a warning.

Is there anything logged in your windows application log ?

and creating a new profile isn’t the same as deleting preferences - ideally you’d delete (back up first !) the entire cubase11x64 directory in the appdata folder. (google it !) - or start in ‘safe mode’

Rigth! I will look into it tomorrow! Thanks…

no problems - post back if it works …and post back if it doesn’t

There is more debugging we can try :slight_smile:

Hi Dr. S

I think the problem is solved.

I ran Cubase in "safe mode"as you suggested and after about 15 minuts it crashed the intire PC…
When I rebooted it went into BIOS safe mode and for some reason my RAM speed had changed from the XMP profilespeed (3200 Mhz) to the stock speed (21 something Mhz).
The XMP profile was still enabled so I switched it of and rebooted.
After the boot to Windows I ran Cubase in “safe mode” and it has now been playing the same project on repeate for two hours without any problems.
I currently testing it again but this time I opened Cubase in “normal mode”. I’m going to run it for another two hours before I can conclude anything, but it’s promissing…
Thank you very much for you help!


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Possibly a different issue but I’m having the Elements 11 just disappear randomly. No warning, no error log, it just closes.
Only time it happens is with Halion and/or Groove agent running. No 3rd party plug-ins, and normally when I’m creating the track, not when I’m recording or playing back.
Windows 10, latest updates etc.

Well, as you can probable tell I’m no expert! But have you done any overclocking on your CPU or RAM? I’m pretty sure it was the RAM overclocking (XMP profile) that made my machine unstable…

No, nothing like that. To be fair it can run for hours with all guns blazing so I’m sure its not hardware related.
Thanks anyway.