Cubase 11 reinstall

So I was trying to upload some video on Youtube but my OBS didn’t not work. So I had to restore all of my computer and I downloaded cubase 11 that I bought it about month ago. I couldn’t find my access code that I bought it. I used 30days trial and I upgrade it to elements version which cost 99 euro. I have no idea where to find my code. When I enter some of access code that I got it from steinberg by email but all of them was trial code. AND why tf is my e-licenser keeps telling me that I don’t have usb connected or some bs that this stupid program is telling me. PLZ HELP

  1. Where can I find my code when I upgraded to elements while I was using 30days trial?

Sounds like you’re trying to run Cubase pro, but you only own Elements. So, you should download the correct installer, and visit the Steinberg Support website, and do a search for reactivation

Thanks a lot! I saw this page but it’s telling me that I can only download trial right now. I did paid 99 euro which is about 13,0000 in Korean Won. How do I fix this too?

By using the Steinberg Download Assistant | Steinberg

oh and just one last question.
I just told you that I bought the elements. But when I go this page that shows
My products, My Profile, My support, My Forum, and My newsletter.
The software that I can only see is Cubase Pro 11 trial. I think that’s the reason that I still have error.
How can I fix this too?