Cubase 11 Retrologue and Padshop2 presets missing


I’m working on a project and tried using both Retrologue and Padshop 2 in Cubase 11 Pro and there are no presets present. Wondering what I can do to find them. Thanks.

The Library Manager will show you where it thinks the content is installed. Also starting with Cubase 11 the Download Manager separates the downloads of content from the Cubase itself. This is to help folks who have low bandwidth or don’t want all the content. So perhaps it didn’t get downloaded.

Thank you very much for your reply. Neither Padshop nor Retrologue are present in my Library. I have reinstalled them twice.

When you say Padshop is not present, does that mean Padshop is not available as a VSTi and the Plug-in Manager does not show it. Or, can you load the Padshop VSTi but there is no content for it?

In the download assistant app, there is also content to download, make sure you have those installed i.e.;-

Your second point is correct - I can add both Retrologue and Padshop as instruments in a project, but there are no sounds to load. All of the other instruments (Halion, etc.) are present and have content.

Thank you both for your assistance! I redownloaded the content and “boom” - there it was. Must have been a download glitch of some kind.

Thanks for this thread, I was having the exact same issue. After moving to win 11 and Cubase 11 - the content gotta get the content. Happy to say it all works great now.