Cubase 11 - sampler crash


My sampler seems to crash all the time after i updated to cubase 11 . he crash when i drag files to it.
how can i solved it ?


Could you provide the *.crash/dmp file, please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder or Crash Reports in macOS 10.15 (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Cubase 64bit 2021.8.15 (1.9 MB)

its the last modified - there is no cubase 11 crash dumps


Update to the latest Cubase 10.5.30, please. The it’s still crashing, upload the latest *.dmp file, please.

I updated to the latest Cubase 10.5.30 and on Cubase 10.5 its ok. but in Cubase 11 still crash with no dump file

found this on my computer maybe that’s it


Does this crash relate to the sampler track, please?

Yes, i think so because its in the time i tried to use the sampler and i have similer ones in the folder from last night in the time that it also crashed.

Hi, can you see what is the problem from that ?


Sorry, I can’t the crash is quite generic.

Any suggestion what i need to do ?

This is probably not what is causing the issue for you, but for me one of the causes was this: Cubase Crashing Video - Create Sampler Track Issue - YouTube

Thank you Richard, i solved it by dragging the folder of Cubase 11 to the desktop i think something with the presets didn’t moved correct in the update .