Cubase 11 Sampler Slice not following tempo

Hey there I searched and couldn’t see anything regarding this.

Every time I select slice mode in the sampler track 2.0 from Cubase 11 it reverts to the original tempo and doesn’t follow tempo. Sometimes it does stay at the stretched tempo but most of the time it reverts to the original tempo. Does not work like Groove Agent thus far.

Anybody else experience this?

Also my sample library is tagged to the appropriate key in the media browser and it auditions correctly in the mediabay with transposition to match the songs key. When dragging events to the arrange page I can see that transpose added the appropriate +7 but when dragging from mediabay into a sampler track it does not apply the same transposition to mirror what was being heard in the mediabay. I then have to guess the key by ear taking up much time and contradicting the key labelling tag feature that Cubase boasts.



This is by design. The Normal and Slice modes don’t AudioWarp (stretch) the audio.

You’re kidding right?

Sometimes when I click slice it does follow and sound exactly the same way it would in Groove agent.

Please don’t tell me after all this fuss and hype about cubase adding a slice mode to the quick sampler that it isn’t as functional as the Groove agent one which can still slice and time stretch at the same time.

If so then this upgrade is useless. And annoying that after paying for this upgrade that I still need to use groove agent if I want slicing with time stretch! Why why why on earth would they firstly implement a sampler track that can’t slide, THEN implement one that can slice but can’t stretch! Fml!


Can you spot the differences, please? Do you know, what is different when it works against when it doesn’t work, please?