Cubase 11 Sampler Track - File Locations Still Broken [VIDEO ADDED]

Loving the new sampler track features, but it is still blighted by the terrible bug that does not save file locations correctly.

I’ve loaded a project from 10.5 with existing sampler tracks. Form here I prepare archive in the audio pool and all the samples are copied to the project folder. Save Project. When loading this project (where all samples should load from the project folder) it STILL loads samples from their original file location. Of course, this is a nightmare when recalling projects at a later date if folders have been moved or renamed, etc. When will Steinberg get this fixed?

This has been a problem since the beginning of time itself…

Video to show the issue. It’s reproducible 100% of the time on all 3 of my systems:

Is this only with 10.5 projects, ie, a backwards compatibility bug - or is it the same issue with C11 projects as well?

please post this in issues

Thanks for reporting Steve. Not good.

What’s more, a user brought up the problem on Greg Ondo’s hang out thing and he dismissed the problem out right. He saved it, loaded it straight back up and said it was fine. (without addressing the archive issue) So I guess Steinberg have their heads in the sand about it.

I don’t understand how this bug isn’t a priority for them. It’s been broken for years and causes problems for me endlessly. It’s impossible to to safely archive projects that use sampler tracks.

I have just done the same test in a Version 11 project (not from 10.5) and it is still broken,. Further more, after using Prepare Archive, audio tracks do not saves their file location, so this is more broken than previous versions. Utterly unbelievable.

So, ‘Prepare Archive’ is, overall, now broken?

Have you tested ‘Back Up Project’?

Sampler track file locations are still broken with Backup Project.
Audio tracks do point to the correct location when Backup project is used.

I have reported the issue here:

I believe you meant to paste this link to your thread Steve:

Thanks a lot for keeping on top of this, hopefully Steinberg are listening!

Are there any workarounds to this bug?

Thanks! The only workaround for Sampler Track is to always import samples into project before creating a sampler track. This way the sample is copied to the working directory. If you back up to a new folder you will lose the links to the files.

Really disappointing. Thank you for the update.
Hope we can have an official communication about the subject. Silence is not acceptable with something this important.

Steinberg has ignored this issue for years. Do people not back up/archive their projects? Are we in the minority here?

No you are not,that’s totally unacceptable from Steinberg, especially now that they are enhancing sampler track so nicely.

I wasn’t using this feature but now i see that i can use it creatively in my workflow.

But not if i can’t save my work properly :frowning: :frowning:

Its dangerous and not clever…

S1 for example pops up a prompt, asking if you’d like to add these (new) files to the project folder before closing/when saving. That’s the point where it brings everything together (if you want it to be). Exactly what Cubendo should also do.

Especially true now with these latest improvements to Sampler Track, giving opportunity/desire to put off rendering/bouncing until much later in the production process.

Its always about priorities/time with these things… have to keep shouting long, hard and loud Steve.! One day, it will come… :neutral_face:

Forgive me for asking, but can we talk through the steps to reproduce this as it doesn’t seem to happen for me.

Here’s what I tried:


  1. Create a new project
  2. Open MediaBay and find a sample
  3. Right click on the sample and click Create Sampler Track
  4. Notice that the file is copied to the Audio folder of the project
  5. Close the project and delete the original file
  6. Ensure project still opens


  1. Create a new project
  2. Add a sampler track
  3. Drag and drop a sample directly from Windows Explorer into the sampler
  4. Notice that the Audio folder of the project is empty
  5. Open the pool, right click Audio and select Prepare Archive
  6. Notice that the Audio folder of the project now contains the file
  7. Close the project and delete the original file
  8. Ensure project still opens

Both of these scenarios pass for me here on Cubase 11.0.0 and Windows 10, so I’m sure I must be missing the particular situation where this can happen. I must admit that I hadn’t actually experienced it before but anything to do with missing samples is a concern which is why I wanted to spend some time to see how it may have affected projects that I’ve already completed and archived.

I’ve highlighted the steps here:

it´s not only Sampler Track. It also happens with Groove Agent or Halion if you add a sample in them. I guess it´s not a bug but the backup routine is not correctly implemented.

Only audio files on tracks will be copied to the new folder. Workaound is to place them first on a track an then in the Sampler.

I gave up on that feature years ago - I simply take a snapshot of My Cubase projects folder daily and send it to a remote server.

This is different than Groove Agent or Halion, those work how any VSTi would work - you have to be responsible for putting sample files in an organized directory, they are not saved with the project - as these are also standalone softwares.

However a Sampler Track is project based and should operate differently.

I don’t see how this is much different than your steps???

What happens if you prepare archive, before, you use the files in sampler track?