Cubase 11 Sampler Track reverting to 'normal' from imported RX2 Issue after project saved

Hello All,

The issue…

  1. Create sampler track from pre-sliced RX2 file (from MediaBay)
  2. The new track is created with the sampler auto set to ‘Slice’ with slices showing.
    3} All automatically done - so you might think…
  3. After dropping some MIDI down, etc - Save project. Close Project
  4. Open project,
  5. Sampler track is now set to ‘Normal’
  6. ‘Slice’ needs to to be reselected.

The workaround seems to be to select off ‘Slice’ and back to ‘Slice’ - before the project save.
eg explicitly select ‘Normal’ then back to 'Slice after creating the Sampler Track.

It’s a bit of a workflow gotcha for RX2 files. in the Sampler Track.


Cubase 11.0.20.
Windows 10.