Cubase 11 Saving Key Command Presets question

I imagine this is basic, but I just can’t find an answer online.
I save all my personal Key Commands as a Preset and then save it.
When I open the Key Commands screen, the little Presets dropdown screen is always empty, even if I haven’t closed Cubase or the current project.
Thus, I have no idea if my personal Key Commands presets are active. I always have to select my personal key commands on the dropdown and then it appears in the little screen inset. Is there a way to set my personal key commands as the dafault? What Key Commands present appears automatically? Why is the dropdown Presets inset always empty unless I select a Preset?
Any answer appreciated.

Yes it’s annoying. This occurs in several places. The good news is the active (and blank) Preset is whatever it was when you last exited Cubase. It’s only the name that gets lost.

Whew! Thanks, Raino.
I suppose making a suggestion to Steinberg is hopeless?

Yes, annoying been going on for a couple of decades with no fix.


Yikes! I’m not convinced that the last preset I used automatically loads when I reopen Cubase, either.

Well it’s not really the Preset getting loaded, it’s the current state at shutdown. So if you loaded a Preset & made some changes - that’s what you’ll have when you next launch Cubase.

Plus there is an addition failure mechanism. Any changes you make to Preferences get saved when you shut Cubase down, except that might not happen if Cubase hangs or crashes while shutting down. So it’s more like the last successful shutdown.

Hello, not to steal the thread. But may I ask you where will the preset be saved, so that if I want to transfer this to another computer, where can I find it?


It’s in Appdata (which Windows by default hides) along with most Cubase settings.

Thanks @ranio! That helps