Cubase 11 - Scrolling with the mousewheel in Score Editor (Windows)


I’m writing here after spending hours looking for a fix.
I use the score editor extensively but I can’t scroll the score using the mouse wheel in Cubase 11 on Windows, be it vertically or horizontally holding Shift.
I know I can hover the horizontal or the vertical scroll bar and then use the mouse wheel to scroll, but honestly, it’s a pain.

In former versions of Cubase (Cuabse 9) I could at least scroll vertically using the mouse wheel.
I have made sure that “Use mousewheel to transpose notes” is disabled in the Preferences, so the mouse wheel can’t be captured by something else.

Am I missing something, or is this really a bug? The score editor has received wonderful improvements with Cubase 11, but the scrolling issue makes it barely usable.

Thank you very much for your help and advice!

Assuming that you work in Edit Mode, yes, this seems to be a bug since v10.5.
I will report it to Steinberg.

Meanwhile, I would suggest that you use, if your mouse permits, the scroll wheel click. :wink:

And, welcome.

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Thank you for your prompt reply, I do work in Edit Mode :slight_smile:
Thank you also for reporting it to Steinberg, I hope it can be fixed!

Have a nice day!

In my Cubase 11 the mouse wheel click feature does not work, in none of the windows.
Not even the symbol is showing up.
Newest driver is installed.
In other applications its working fine.