Cubase 11 shows presets which don't exist anymore

Hi! I’m using Cubase 11. I had saved some instrument track presets (created by myself) which I was dragging and dropping into Arrange page from the Right zone. Then I wanted to remove some of these presets. I opened the folder containing the presets (using Reveal in Finder) and moved some of the presets elsewhere. But! These presets still show up in Cubase’s Right zone. Looks like some cache or something like that involved here. How to solve this and let Cubase know these presets don’t exist anymore?

Use the full Media Bay (not the one in the Right Zone) and have it rescan the problem Folder so it will update its database to reflect that those no longer exist. In Windows if you had used Media Bay instead of Explorer to relocate or delete content it would have updated the database. I assume it is the same on a Mac.

Thanks! I had to click Rescan a few times, because after the first rescan not all of the presets disappeared, but eventually they all disappeared.

By the way, there seems to be a reason I deleted presets not within Mediabay, but externally– the presets in question didn’t have “Delete” in right-click menu, but had “Remove write protection” option (which didn’t work). Maybe I accidentally set this write protection on them earlier, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do it on purpose.