Cubase 11 spectralayers

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Is there someone who can tell me?

Is there a difference between Cubase 11 pro spectralayers one and a separate version of spectralayers 7 pro.
And if there is a difference which is this.


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Yes there is - therefore the different naming.

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I did a demo of Spectralayers 7 Pro, and it has way more features than what comes with Cubase 11. Not just the ability to separate vocals , , , but also the ability to separate stems into tone, noise, transient, and also has de-esser, and reverb reduction, just to name a few. So, the version included in Cubase just wets your appetite, if you need more you will need to open your wallet very wide . . . but it’s great audio technology mostly for manipulating completed audio tracks and restoration. It also has time transport capabilities that helped me go back and remix some tracks that were lost in time.


At the end of the Spectralayers manual there is a side to side comparison between SL Pro, Elements and One. One is very stripped down.



Thanks popitup and magnus for the help

I’m using Cubase 11 Pro on Mac and i am not seeing the Spectral Layers extension… is this an additional component that i need to install or am i required to have purchased a version of Spectral Layers previously to use this feature?

Edit: Found it… for anyone else wondering, it’s a separate download and installation->

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other than separate vocals (not bad but … meh )
what else can the free version do has anyone had any hands on ??
i tried to filter out an artifact on a guitar part … but cant get it to work lots of knobs and buttons to select etc but nothing seems to work for me…
that said i have not had the time to sit down and work with it
thats why i ask this stupid question

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My conclusion is that Spectralayers One can do one thing, separate vocals from other elements. But it’s really good at it!

Very handy when you have a voice recording which has a lot of interfering background sounds in it (works very well on “narrative” type of talking voices as well).

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Thank you for posting the link, much appreciated. Was looking for it everywhere.
I deducted the Windows link from yours:

Was NOT evident at all.

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a lot of artifacts for it to be used cleanly… or maybe i need more time with it and explore the settings… but so far i think its not going to be of any use for me at this point in time … maybe later .
thank you for the reply
stay safe and healthy