Cubase 11 start crackling very bad

Hello i have problems with Cubase 11 pro since first install and now it’s impossible to create something, because it crackling.
I understand, that there is no medicine for this, but i do this post for other users, that may have same issue.

So my pc is Ryzen 5 3600, 32gb, Kingston M2 drive, WIN 10.
I tried :

  1. Install new Steinberg ASIO driver;
  2. Reinstall Cubase;
  3. Reinstall Halion Sonic.
  4. Work arround PC audio drivers.
  5. Change buffer size.
    Here is sample how it sounds.

Loudness meter - True peak 2.46 DB, integrated - 10.8 LUFS;
What i found:
Then insert reverb Roomworks, it work with crackling.
If you have any info help.

To me that sounds more like clipping/distortion, especially as it gets more pronounced the louder the signal gets.
Have you tried lowering the microphone signal on the way in? That is, not inside Cubase, but the level on your audio interface. My suspicion is that it comes from the recorded audio. You can easily test that if you mute the vocals.
If that is not it, maybe some plugin somewhere that distorts? Or are you clipping the main out channel?

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Thanks for your post, i use mic SM7B, gain signal is on about 10% on sound card. So i think it’s not gain. I’m doing now drastic moves and on success will come back to this post.

Is the distortion only occurring when using Roomworks, or is it also present without any FX ?

It seems then Roomworks enabled or without Roomworks crackling too.
So i tried change Audio interface to Focusrite, but same problem.
I tried another mic, same problem.
Changed usb cable - same problem.
Everything around Cubase is good, or feels good.
I deleted preferences - same crackling.

Hello, after many days and search i finally found that 1 insert named UV22HR start acting strange. After disabling it seems all works fine now. :dizzy_face: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :exploding_head:

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