Cubase 11 suddenly all projects are peaking audio processing load

I have been using 11 for the last month. No problems. Last few times I have opened any project the average audio performance is peaking when I open any project. They do not play back except in a stuttering way. Most have hardly any plug ins and no vst. All the projects open and play without problem on Cubase 8, last version I had.

Hi Sachizm

you haven’t really given any information to help track down the problem…in fact you haven’t given any information :smiley:

I’m happy to give some things to try thoug:

what is the buffer size of your audio interface ? - increase it
is ASIO guard on/off - put it on
are tracks ‘record enabled’
have you tried deleting your preferences - try that?
are you on a mac or windows pc ?
if windows, what version ?


My bad, it had changed to 32 bit float for some reason

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