Cubase 11 suddenly dumped all my preferences!?

Hey folks!!

Anyone ever see this randomly occur before? ALL my pref’s are gone, all key commands, all color adjustments I made, all In’s and Out’s, etc.

Now, yesterday I just decided, eh, what the heck, I’ll just build them all again, so I did. Today, fired up Cubase, and they’re gone again!

Anyone know what might cause this? I know these pref’s are stored in a file somewhere, but why would Cubase either not see this file, or kill it after every start up?


I can see this time to time here on the forum.

I would recommend to create Profile to be able to load it, if necessary.

Yeah I think I will do that. However, is that not just a band-aid solution? I’d like to get down to why this is suddenly happening. Surely something happened, or something isn’t right.

Although I’m moving to 12 soon, so maybe it’s not worth worrying about.


Yes, it is an aid situation.

Unfortunately as it is not reproducible, it’s hard to find out, what’s going on.

The known thing is, Cubase stores the preferences while quit. So if anything doesn’t go as expected while quitting, the preferences might become corrupted.

One thing that I did not mention… it now also rescans all my plugins on every startup. Man is that irritating.

Would the fact that it’s rescanning every time be an indication as to what’s going on?

Additionally, it’s not remembering my profiles either. When this started happening I created a profile, but it’s not recalling that profile upon start up. Am I using the profiles incorrectly?

… aaaaaand all logical presets are gone too.

Man, it’s VERY difficult to work like this.


To make a Profile, you have to create it, restart Cubase (to save the preferences), export it.

Ok now I’m BEYOND frustrated here. Does NO ONE (Steinberg included) have any insight as to why preferences keep getting lost?

I just upgraded to Cubase 12. Everything was fine for about a week, and this morning- PREFERENCES GONE.

Is there no place say in the logs that shows what the hell Cubase is doing to my preference file? I’ve located it, and it’s still there. I’m obviously not the only one with this issue, but no one seems to know the answer. Can this issue be escalated to tech support somehow? IS there a tech support?

If this is an issue on my end, I’ll be glad to take the necessary steps to solve it.

Creating a profile is fine, but it doesn’t solve the issue of why this is happening. I’d prefer to get to the root of the issue, because it’s not just my preferences that get lost, it’s rescanning plugs, losing outputs, etc, every time.

If anyone even has an idea that might be way off the mark, i’d prefer that to nothing.

I’m not a Steinberg rep/tech support person or a Steinberg mod, so this is quite likely to be not helpful, apologies ahead of time:

On the times that Cubase loses preferences, profiles, etc. … would you happen to have noticed if the File>Recent Projects drop down is empty?

The reason I ask is that sometimes Cubase forgets who I am, and thinks I’ve never been here before. I know things are in this funky state because at those times it asks me if I want to register my software (I’ve done that in already!).

All this hasn’t happened to me in a while, but IIRC it was when it couldn’t find my interface, and I cured it by powering everything down (including the Steinberg UR28M) and starting over, and then it’s all fine.

I hope this helps, even in some small way!


Yes, your symptoms point to the same issue.

Do NOT apologize as I gotten little to no response on this, except from you and Martin here. So THANK YOU and actually your response is pretty constructive, because what you’re describing is exactly what I’m experiencing. I’m using an RME interface, the HDSPe-AIO, it’s a PCIe card, so there’s really no powering it down, other than powering the whole system down.

HOWEVER - The one modification I’ve made in the past few weeks is that I’m now plugging my PC into a power conditioner that get shuts down every day. Before, it was going into a power conditioner that was not getting shut down - it was always live, even though the computer still was shut down. I’m not entirely sure that has anything to do with this - but it’s the only change I’ve made to my system that’s coincidental. And now that you’re telling me this, I’m starting to wonder.

So to answer your questions… I haven’t checked the Recent Projects, but it DID ask me if I want to register again (that’s one of the things it’s been doing), along with rescanning plugs, all my inputs and outputs are gone, along with all their presets so I can just call them up again, all presets for key commands and of course all my preferences are reset as if I just installed Cubase. AND it asks me which sound device I would like to use, as if I had just changed something, or again if I had just installed Cubase fresh. So you may be on to something there.

It’s like Cubase has Alzheimer’s or dementia.

The only thing is, shutting everything down and powering back up doesn’t cure the issue. Profiles only KIND OF help, but I still can’t figure out exactly those work, because I tried saving new profiles after making new changes… but then the new profiles don’t recall some of the preferences I made on the previous profiles - so that hasn’t helped much. But again, I shouldn’t have to!!

Argh. So. Incredibly. Frustrating. And completely destroys workflow.

Thanks for the input!!