Cubase 11 tempo detect

I do a lot of pulling old tracks to a fixed tempo so have extensive experience with tempo detect. Once you have mastered all the techniques it works very well. one thing that catches me is when the track has a few beats that drift a lot, then tempo detect drifts and then stays out of sync. The trick is to find the few beats out of sync in the tempo map and nudge them in line with the out of tempo beats, then tempo detect locks back into sync. My problem is when the stray beat (s) don’t show on the tempo track, you can’t nudge them into the right place. How can I access those beats you cant see on the tempo track?


Why you don’t see them? Are they above or below the view? If this is the case, you can change the range of the view on the right side of the track list (of the Tempo Track), where the meters are.

In any case, you can reach all events in the Tempo Editor [Ctrl/Cmd + T].

Ah thanks, I didn’t realise that. The Tempo editor doesn’t help as you have to see the audio to know where the beat is falling. But thanks that will speed up my process.