Cubase 11 to look like Cubase 7.5?

I’m in middle of my CB 11 pro trial time and still struggling with the different look. Is it possible for 11 to look like 7.5?
Also when I open an existing project on the new windows 10 pc that was created with 7.5 on a windows 7 , the project cannot find the Halion 6 patches I created.
I did copy the program data from the windows 7 as Martin suggested.

About the first question, no, it’s not possible. And, to be honest while remembering all the C7 pitfalls I encountered, I much prefer Cubase UI as it is now…

Concerning the second question, maybe a Mediabay rescan of your patches could help, as I guess that they are in the .vstpreset format. I don’t have Halion 6 but my Halion Sonic SE patches are stored in the C:\Users<UserName>\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion Sonic SE path which is the one by default and appears in the User content>VST3 presets>Steinberg Media technologies>HAlion Sonic SE branch in Mediabay.

Thanks for your reply.
Great suggestions, I’ll give it a go.

It’s crazy that doesn’t work. I copied all the files and presets from the C:\users… on Win 7 computer to where they should be for CB 11 on a windows 10 pc too.

Strange… Two things to check, maybe :

  • Where did you put exactly your .vstpreset files ? Taking again my HSE3 example, I guess that there should be an existing path like :

C:\Users\‘UserName’\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion 6

… and your presets should be put in it. I would suggest to create a dummy preset with HAlion 6 to confirm the default location of the user presets storage.

  • In Mediabay, and after having made a scan of the location folder in which are your presets, do they appear in the User Content>VST3 presets>Steinberg Media Technologies location ?

If both, I’m afraid that I have no other suggestions… :neutral_face:

Thanks for suggestions, I’ll verify the files are in the correct location. Will report back.

The rescan and pointing to the correct folder worked! The files were in the C:\users\…………\documents. I also found my Arturia CS 80 and JP 8. Cubase will not ‘see’ the JP8 presents, or any patches I created.
Thank you for your suggestions. (I have more issues with CB 11, but I can check Halion off the list!