Cubase 11 to Zoom Meeting + ASIO4All + Voicemeeter + VB Cable


I am trying to get Cubase 11 to send audio over Zoom. I’ve followed a few tutorials on youtube and have failed. I will warn I am pretty new to DAWs and not super computer savvy (SORRY!)

My setup

  1. Focusrite Scarlet Audio Interface
  2. Windows 11 on a Dell
  3. Cubase 11 Pro

Issues I’ve run into:

  1. My PC forces a restart when I try to select VB Cable and Voicemeeter in the ASIO4All Control Panel
  2. After a few tries I was not able to select multiple devices in the control panel


  1. What’s the best apps to use to accomplish my goal of sending Audio over zoom?
  2. What’s the best procedure to get this setup correctly?

I’m willing to buy the right tools to make this happen.

Thank you!

Does the Scarlett interface not have a loopback function so you don’t need to use asio4all which will be far worse than the native asio driver.

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I believe it does but have never used it. I’m a newb :wink:

If I do that will I need any other apps?

I got the loopback functioning in Cubase but it’s not going to Zoom. Do I need something like OBS or am I missing some settings in Cubase?

Thank you for the help!!!


There are a few methods to do that, the one you mentioned is great, but you shouldn’t be using the Voicemeeter channels in ASIO4ALL, they aren’t compatible. Since Voicemeeter has its own virtual channel, you should only select the Voicemeeter output (which is an input) in Zoom.

I don’t have a Focusrite interface but normally you have quite a bunch of routing options in the control software, so Loopback should work fine, you’ll just have to workaround the feedback when other people are talking.

Take a look at the following topic :

Thank you! I used voicemeeter to mix DAW/PC audio and my audio interface to send to Zoom and it worked.

It has some crackles to it and a very slight delay in my mic to my headphones but it gets the job done for now. Thank you!

The same type of setup with good hardware (mixer+Audio Interface ) should achieve the same result with better sound, correct?