CUBASE 11 - Top 11 feature requests and plus

CUBASE 11 - Top 11 feature requests and plus:

1.- Quadrafuzz V1 (back on 64 bits).
2.- Easy and Faster mapping / like Ableton Live and FL Studio (in one mouse click and one controller move).
3.- Improvements for layering instruments tracks by using a MIDI track. (to maintain the transposition of the sources = instruments tracks).
4.- Transpose automation or Pitch Shift able to + 48 st and +48 st.
5.- Transpose (extra) option to visualize and select a “piano key” instead of just numbers.
6.- Freezing multiple tracks.
7.- Faster MIDI editor to Delete notes with the mouse.
8.- Fold option, in MIDI editor, see reference and poll:
10.- Improve quality of musical mode in Sampler Tracks. (There is too many artifacts and low quality when playing around the notes and glide is terrible and im sorry to say this but “musical mode” in FL is surprisingly 10 times better on quality by meaning the sampler.)
11.- Include in export settings, render by Folders or VCA faders. (is this one too complex) ?

12.- Improve automation and curves on MIDI Editor to have more flexibility as we have in the arrange automations.
13.- Slide or Portamento in MIDI Editor individual notes, see reference:
14.- Option to insert metadata for WAV and Mp3, as in Wavelab

¿Which of this features is something you expected before?

Please add too:

neve & vintage yamaha plugin
wavelab analyzer (phase e spectrum)
m4a support
new frequency eq with dynamic e comparision
magneto III
new mb compressor
new mb limiter/maximizer
new mb clipper


Be able to move the channels within the mixer… is a big one for me

Please add more scales than the ones in Cubase, can’t just be limited to the existing ones.