Cubase 11 Trial?

Please, I would like to ask Steinberg when the trial version of Cubase 11 will be ready.

I don’t want to argue, but I don’t understand why one has to wait weeks or months before trying a new version of Cubase. When, however, for other software or plugins, trial versions are published at the time of release.

I haven’t updated to 11 yet because I am interested in checking if, as far as I’m concerned, it is worth updating, since it is not free. I want to evaluate how it works on my system, with my tools and verify that everything runs smoothly according to my tastes. Without having to wait for other users to try the DAW, because, with all due respect, they will never have the same configuration and requirements as me. Thanks.

Steinberg have never announced, to my knowledge, a release date for the trial but it is usually a few weeks after the initial release. I expect it will be the same this year.

I don’t know Steinberg’s reasoning for not releasing a trial straight away but I can think of several possible and indeed logical ones. These are my thoughts only, I have no insight in Steinberg’s thinking.

  1. Make sure you have a stable version first (it’s usually released along with the first bugfix).
  2. Not to overwhelm download servers and support (see point 1 to emphasize this)
  3. Maximize income.

So let’s wait for the trial version and let Steinberg wait for our money.

Point 3 has probably been put to first…
And if so, it means that Steinberg has no respect for its historical and most loyal old users.

Even more so, they should release a stable version especially for the paid release. They shouldn’t rush to release something in November which they will then correct in December or January. But, probably they do it for maximize income and therefore without respect for the user.

As for other DAW and audio stuff, I am not aware that any decent server was ever overwhelm when a new version and trial was released. What should Microsoft or Adobe do that have millions more users than Steinberg? Perhaps, to improve their servers, Steinberg would need a consultation from… PornHub? :slight_smile:

“And if so” is just pure speculation.

It’s quite understandable that they hold the trial back until they can guarantee it will go smoothly for those using it - i mean, it’s common sense that it delivers the best experience possible, particularly those new to the dongle.

Not sure how disrespecting customers even comes into it.


Cubase 11 Trial is out by now.

Thanks, I know. I would have preferred it to have come out a month ago as we are still on 11.0.0. In fact, my question was “why was the trial version not released at launch?”
However, my obviously provocative question, was still addressed to Steinberg in the hope that next time, trial will come out together with the complete.


Steinberg has never released Trial version with the first Cubase release. I wouldn’t expect this next time neither. Actually I don’t remember, Steinberg would ever release the Trial version so close to the release.