Cubase 11 update - activation code has already been used

Hi guys!

I know about the recent problems with the eLicense servers but I’m facing something really strange here… Yesterday I purchased an update from Cubase Elements 10 to 11 but when I enter the activation code into my eLicense Control Panel I get the error message “activation code has already been used”. :confused: And here comes the strangest part… when I go to my Steinberg account I see the following: Activation status: Not yet activated. :open_mouth: I can’t reactivate or do anything to it. :cry:

Does some of you faced such an issue and do you know what should I do in order to resolve it? I can’t see any technical support email address anywhere, except the one for the US, but I’m located in Europe and I’m not sure if they will respond.

Thanks in advance! :unamused: