Cubase 11 Update and STILL Steinberg can't copy my preferences? (EDIT: A Fix?)

Why is this not done when updating to a newer version? Why do I get an install as if I have never used Cubase before on this system?

Where are my recently opened files? My templates? My plugins collections???

PLEASE FIX THIS! When updating from a previous version the Cubase installer should take care of migrating ALL of my Cubase related settings.

It’s frustrating and absurd.

For others dealing with this, what I did to make Cubase 11 have my Cubase 10.5 stuff was to copy the ENTIRE contents Cubase 10.5 folder from the %appdata%/Steinberg location (Windows 10) to the Cubase 11 folder there.

Now, I don’t know if that overwrites anything ‘new’ that something in Cubase 11 relies on. I guess I’ll find out, but it works so far. If anyone knows if there is something new in those files for Cubase 11, please chime in.


I wouldn’t copy that stuff over manually. That leads to errors 100%.
I am known for heavily criticizing Steinberg but so far copying over the preferences didn’t fail a single time for me…