Cubase 11 upgrade closed down

What I find really annoying about the current situation is that the full version is still up for sale. So new users get preference over loyal users who want to upgrade. Those licence servers need sorting out quickly.

Steinberg, can you please sort it out ASAP. I booked the weekend off so I can use cubase 11. I was supposed to update it tonight.
I got home and heard the news.
All the best with it.

It’s just math. More people upgrade than buying new copies. Quickest way to bandaid solve it is to limit the highest traffic, not the lowest.

Also the surest way to P*** **f their most loyal users!

I would expect them to stop all while the backlog goes through not limit the lowest. It just doesn’t look good

No it doesn’t make sense to limit new full price sales from potential new first time users from a business perspective. If it’s update licenses bottle necking the servers, you limit update licenses.

It’s not personal, get - over - it.

“Cubase 11 upgrade closed down”

No it isn’t. Only 10.5 users are denied. Everyone else can upgrade/update!

From a business perspective I guess it does make sense but from a loyal customer point of view it’s a kick in the teeth

New customers may not have visited forums etc…and will be completely oblivious to the issues we are having.
Why P*** them O** as well?
Lets be happy for them.

Ok…that was one sentence to far :wink:

It’s open again now for upgrade from 10.5. Think I’ll give it a week though as I don’t trust it will work!!! Lol. I should change my signature for a week as now I’m not on the latest version :smirk: I’ll stop moaning now it’s back to my choice.

Is it safe? (Quote from the film marathon man)

Yes and No! When you buy (and pay for it) you are given an incomplete activation code, that is useless!

Is that true as reading another thread Steinberg in their infinite wisdom have made a change. You have to enter the code into the download assistant and it will give you a code for the license.

Just updated download assistant and there is now a place top left to enter a download code. I’m not purchasing yet though as I’ve work to do and I don’t want the licenser problem to get me. looking on the forum for confirmation this won’t happen.

Update Completed.