Cubase 11 upgrade fresh install

Hello :slight_smile:
I have recently had a few issues with my Windows 10 operating system,so i did a fresh install,keeping my files etc.

Is it OK to reinstall my Cubase 10.5 then do the upgrade to Cubase 11,or just 11? I noticed my VsT plugin paths have gone too,even though I was careful to select the keep files option, :open_mouth:

Now I was hoping for some advice,as to my VsT plugin path now on.Should they be in one place,my Kontakt Libraries are on a separate external SSD drive,(as mentioned in my signature)

Any advice would be very much appreciated


You don’t need to install Cubase 10.5 first. You can go straight for Cubase 11.

You can keep all NI plug-ins in the folders where they are installed. Then point to the folder in Cubase’s VST Plug-in Manager.

Thanks Martin much appreciated :slight_smile: