Cubase 11 upgrade path?

I have Artist 8.5, want to upgrade to 11.

Do i need to remove 8.5?

Will 11 automatically import my projects from 8.5?

Will it recognise all of my VST’s i have in 8.5 and automatically import those?

Should i ( if i havent already ) then delete 8.5 after installing 11?

Will i get a new E-licence number and then have to delete my old one and install the new one?

Thanks for reading, if there is a FAQ somewhere that answers these ( and other ) idiot questions please just point me there, otherwise thanks in advance for your help.

11 Artist?

My experience of using PRO -(should be the same)

My experience of 5 upgrades so far is. ( Although I’m more a musician not an on depth techie)

You download the software it will run alongside your previous version.
Your E-licenser will contain authorisation for all your previous versions -so they can still be used.
( not sure that means it now has two licenses on it or just the new one carries authorisation for your legacy products… but the important thing is… they should all work).

It will recognise all VST’s - you may have to point them all to the folders if spread about a bit. Easily done. ( Unless legacy issues…you will see that in the VST menu.

Delete Nothing!

You will be able to use all your old projects.

Hope that helps you… but do seek more clarity elsewhere here for deeper technical advice :wink:


Thank you, i think thats enough info, much appreciated.