Cubase 11 upgrade question

I bought a UR44C a few months back and it came with Cubase AI and LE. I did not install either since I use Cakewalk. I received an email yesterday about Cubase 11 (Pro, Elements and Artist). Of course, the upgrade price is far lower than the full price. I have no idea what AI and LE are so should I assume that I have no upgrade path?

Hi and welcome,

Cubase AI is bundled with UR44C.

I think the question is whether those versions of Cubase qualify for a reduced cost upgrade.

You can upgrade from LE or AI to Elements for £42 for example from what I saw, or £233 to the Artist version. You can click on “Buy” on the v11 page, and look at the upgrade options, maybe expect to save £50 to whichever version you go for, something is better than nothing in this case!

I started another thread in the AI and LE forum asking what the difference between the two are an if there was any advantage of one over the other? So, I can only upgrade to Elements from one of the two versions that I have licenses for?


Please check Cubase Comparison Chat.

You can upgrade to any Cubase edition from Cubase LE & AI.

I used Cakewalk in 1998. It was pretty good.

The DAW’s now are amazingly complex – and a major hoops and ladders learning curve! So, at least you were warned…

That said, if you keep pressing thru you get all a lot of power in these Cubase DAWs. BUT, consider upgrading to Artist once you installed Cubase LE. Why? The tutorials – 99% of them are in PRO – Steinberg told me that Artist and PRO are very close. So you can actually replicate what you see on video to your work. Cubase LE always has some difference that won’t replicate what you see on videos. So, I’m considering upgrading to Artist.

„Very close“ in that case certainly is personal opinion. Better compare yourself. Cubase Pro and Artist IMHO are not „very close“. If they were, no one would spend the € 250,- extra for pro.