Cubase 11 upgrade: VSTs show no signal

I just upgraded from Cubase 10 Pro to 11 Pro but all of my VST3 Plugins show no audio signal and do not modify the signal. It’s like they’ve been bypassed but they are not.
I also noticed that this behavior only happens for mono channels. If I create a stereo channel the plugins work as expected. Therefore I would assume cubase 11 isn’t communicating with older vst3 plugins correctly or do I need to change something somewhere to make it work?


Is the output of the Instrument track affected or is other rooting involved? Is the meter on the track moving?

VST plugins applied to the output if an VST instrument track work as expected (I assume since they are stereo).

If I create a new project, add a mono audio channel, and I see the track meter moving and I can hear the audio. However inside any vst3 plugin that is not from steinberg I can’t see the metering and the plugin doesn’t affect the audio. As soon as I use a stereo track instead of mono everything works as expected.

The same exact thing is happening to me since I installed 11.

Okay so it’s not just me :slight_smile: Anyone from steinberg knows about this issue / is investigating?

Hello?! I would really appreciate a response. This is an issue that effectively breaks any of my old session files, and therefore I can’t really use cubase 11 although I paied for it.


Could you provide an example project, please? In the best case, with only 1 Instrument Track, with HALion Sonic SE instrument, if you have any.

Thanks for your reply. It only affects audio tracks but I’ll try to build a minimal project. The issue is that it works with the cubase bundled vsts, only external (for example waves vst3.0.2) have this issue.

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