Cubase 11 - Velocity Fade (Tilt Right) issue

Look at picture. First half shows that I selected 10 bars of percussive notes and when I drag Tilt Right to fade out velocities, it fades for all notes except the last one. Second half shows that it fades correctly if selected less notes. Actually it fades correctly also if deselected one - leftmost note I marked in yellow ring. I tried this many times in that session. Later when project modified and reloaded many times I cannot replicate this.

Anyway maybe it will help in research.


I’m sorry, I can’t reproduce it here. Could you provide a sample project, please?

Imagine how hard to report and replicate will be after 3-5 years? I guess Steinberg will close bug-report forums :slight_smile: Dorico already has issues they don’t offer to fix in updates, but promise to fix in next paid upgrade!

So, @Martin.Jirsak, what I need to avoide these unreplicable bugs? Is it a computer similar to those they use in Steinberg company? We all know system requirements, but please publish (and link here) a description of your specific system that never meet bugs we reported! At least this year I will spend thousands to achieve that no-bug state!

We have Elements, Artist and Pro versions available. Maybe it is a right time to split system requirements too? Since C11 for leisure you can run any of these three versions on i5 processor, for hobby - i7, but for serious workflow - use i9.

Thank you! :wink:
And Happy New Year!


I’m sorry, it could be anything from the system. The OS, the graphic card, the driver of the graphic card, the screen resolution, The screens layout, the HiDPI mode + settings, the Preferences, the 3rd party software (especially the one, which changes the graphic), timing issues…

I also haven’t seen this report here on the forum since your report. So I don’t think it’s a generic issue. I believe, if everyone would meet this issue, the forum would be full of it. But I always try to reproduce it, to get at least a picture, if it might be generic issue or not. If I can’t reproduce it straight away, I try to get closer… To use the exactly same project (it might be, something is buggy in the specific combination of… I don’t know, the MIDI Notes and the CCs you are using, whatever…). If this doesn’t help and my intuition says, it could be in the preferences, I try to ask for the preferences folder.

So my way is to try to reproduce it on my system and to find out, what really causes the issue. But it doesn’t work without the users help.