Cubase 11 vs Contact 6.5.x bug

The latest kontakt changed the way missing samples are resolved. Now on some projects with samples that are relocated, after finding the missing samples cubase does not become active again. I can resolve that in 2 ways, either disable asio guard or put one kontakt in record mode before loading the samples (witch also defeats asio guard). Also if I disable a contact instance with the power button in the instrument rack and purge the samples from that kontakts the same thing happens when loading the project. Cubase hangs. Here also disabling asio guard fixes it. This is only so with kontakt 6.5.x and cubase 11. It works normal in 10 and 10.5 and also with kontakts before 6.5.x . Also NI issued 3 fixes 6.5.1-3 but those didn’t fix this specific one. It is als reported to NI.
Btw this is on windows 10 latest.
Also the chances of this happening get more likely with many kontakt instances.