Cubase 11 vs Steinberg UR824

Hello everyone, I recently bought a Steinberg UR824 card, it works fine))) but I can’t make friends with Cubase 11, many on the video have the ability to use DSP directly in Cubase, I can’t (((how to do thi



Make a mono track instead.
Guitar/Bass etc are mono instruments and i bet it will work for you if you try that.

Yes, do at least mono, at least quadro, nothing changes (((

I think this has changed in Cubase 11. The hardware rack is not in the mix console anymore but in the inspector in project window. At least that’s the case with UR C series interfaces. Not sure about UR series. But I would guess it’s the same.

That’s just a UR-C change.

I use the UR824 with Cubase 11 Elements and can get the rack intergration. I don’t know what OS you are using but if it’s Windows make sure you are on Windows 10. On Windows 7 it doesn’t work properly. I initialy had this issue when they dropped Windows 7 support at Cubase 10.5. You would need to use Cubase 10 which is probably the last time the feature worked if you are determined to keep using Windows 7.

Here’s my thread about it from mid 2020:

If you’re on a Mac I don’t know what the issue might be.

I have Windows 10, with the latest update, I also have Cubase 11, and Cubase 7.5 that came with the UR824 card!, This mode does not work either there or there (((

Gee, I’m not sure then. I’m on W10 too and it’s working for me on both my laptop and desktop PCs with Cubase Elements 11.04 and the latest Steinberg Tools and Yamaha USB driver. I have also had the lst firware update applied. I’m assuming you also selected the Yamaha ASIO driver in Cubase and also have the latest firware installed. You could try uninstalling all the UR824 tools packages and reinstalling them.

I think you can uninstall them all from Control Panel > Uninstall a program. Make sure you use the latest versions when reinstalling again and see if that helps. I have always found you need to leave the device unplugged from the computer until after you have installed the drivers and restarted the machine. The instructions do say to do that too. If this doesn’t work you might have to put through a support ticket in your country.

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Where can I get the latest firmware?

It’s on the tools page linked above.