Cubase 11 & W10 ... WTF? (Solved)

I’m not usually one to rant but this combination is putting me out of work.
I’ve had my share of watching CB11 just disappear in the middle of a session but now it’s CB AND Windows 10. If it’s not one it’s the other. Last night, I couldn’t stay on for more than a couple minutes before either CB crashed or Windows did. I trashed the prefs twice. Windows is wanting to update on its own even if I manually shut down or restart without authorizing it. It then tells me it couldn’t finish updating and to wait while it deletes the updates.
I never had ANY of these problems with W7 and CB9.5. All the genius’s that kept telling me, “hey, you’ve got to keep up with the technology if you expect to progress”, need to try to work on my “new” system and see how far they get. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is ringing pretty loudly right now.

Does anyone know where I’m supposed to check the logs to see if there’s any codes for CB and for Windows? I’m losing work.
Thanks for your helping thoughts.

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I’m sorry for your troubles.

Maybe post some of the crash dumps for Martin and Co.?

Check in File Explorer/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps
Or C:\Users[Your Label]\AppData\Local\CrashDumps


Personally, if Windows wanted to update so bad, I’d just let them. After that, I’d try to troubleshoot Cubase. Trying to troubleshoot both when the operating system is misbehaving can be a moving goalpost situation.

Thank you for directing me to the correct area. Next time in, I will go there and collect the information.


Maybe try to disconnect from the Internet while recording. Also try this:

Any idea why the updates are failing? You need to get that sorted , as it can be a potentially big issue if it’s the “We couldn’t complete the updates Undoing changes” style message.

Was it a clean W10 install, or did you migrate any settings /system files from W7?

Anything else unusual running that may affect the stability?

The only issues I’ve had with W10 is when I try to go against the grain and try to strip the OS to be ‘leaner’ and prevent updates, I’ve just learnt to bend over and take whatever they want to do and it’s been sound.

(other than MS deciding it’s a great idea to restart my machine to update when my back is turned!)

Thanks wildschwein.
Already tried with the internet disconnected. I will surely disable the auto-updates when I get back home.

Thanks skijumptoes!
No idea why the updates were failing. It showed that style message that you posted.
W10 was a W7 upgrade, not a clean install. Nothing else was running other than Cubase related programs. This is my studio only computer. I’ve been running W10 since CB 10 was released. (or whichever CB version that was the 1st to not support W7)
The weird thing is that I save the last working version of W10 on another drive for cases like this but when I loaded it up, it did the same thing. That tells me that it’s either a Cubase conflict or a hardware problem. I’m going to check the crash Dump logs to see if it exposes any issues. I won’t be home to do so till I get back Sunday eve.

It’s always tough to have computer issues. It does sound like this is related to your system and not Cubase though. First thing you should do is run the file system checker to check if there are any corrupt files and hopefully Windows can fix it. You can find directions here. After that try to install all the Windows updates again.

If that doesn’t work, sounds like it’s time to reinstall Windows so that you can get it up to date.

Hi rageix
I would have thought it to be a system problem too but that wouldn’t account for a previously saved, working W10 version on another drive doing the same thing. In the mean time I’ll heed your recommendation for running the file system checker.

You could end up trouble shooting existing problems forever as it can sometimes be impossible to pin things down. I do hope you can find a simple solution.

Having been down this road some time ago, if I were you, I’d do a fresh install. Get windows up to date, install Cubase, latest version and plugs etc and once you’ve tested everything and it’s all good, do a full system backup using a free tool like easus or similar and then take your system offline.

When you do need to go online, as no matter what you do, windows updates will reinstate itself, you’ll need to disable updates manually, and do this each time you want to connect to the internet. It’s the only way to be sure.

To do this goto; control panel, administrative tools, services. In services, scroll down to ‘Windows Update’ and double click to open options. If the service status is showing as started, press stop. Then in the service type select disabled. Connect to the internet and go ahead and do what you need to do online and when done close the services windows. This does not permanently disable windows updates, it will reinstate itself automatically according to the policy. If you do try to do a Windows update and it fails, just check back again in services and if still disabled, set it to manual and press start. Then run it again from the updates section in settings.

My systems are used in a commercial environment so I’m probs a little OTT when it comes to keeping systems as clean as possible. There’s nothing else installed on them except that which is required to run the audio apps. I respect that many systems are used for a great deal more than just music.

Hi Steve,
Thanks, I hope I find the simple solution too. If needed, I will in fact do a clean install but as a last resort. That will be quite the project as I have many pertinent audio programs to install and personalize. Times are too busy at present to reset.
I will also be using VST Connect which will require me to be online. Thanks for the Update instructions. I’m sure that will reinforce my intentions going forward.

So, I was able to run the File System Checker through the Command Prompt.
It did freeze a couple of times and I had to restart. I disabled the virus protection and it finally executed a 100% check. It said that there were a couple of corrupt files that it couldn’t repair but that file check allowed the updates to install successfully. That in turn prompted the antivirus to update.

I was finally able to accomplish a crash free editing session tonight. I’m going to run it like this for a good week before I decide to back up the OS on the other drive.
I want to thank everyone for their inputs that guided me on the right path toward rectifying this problem so far!

Sounds like you might be there Suprawill1. I had a very similar problem with W10 about 2 yrs ago, completely independent of CB. Like yours, a couple files had been corrupted that screwed up Win updates, which caused other cascading problems. I believe File Checker fixed my main problem. Regardless, I suspect yours too is unrelated to CB … just a lucky coincidence :smirk:.

Good luck. Hope it works for you!

Thanks ears! Good to know of similar cases and what procedures were taken. Hopefully, our scenarios will help other users with like problems.
Just curious; were those other corrupt files you mentioned ever fixed or had they just no further effect?

Unfortunately, I had another crash today.

I’ve had exactly the same problem, I’m on Windows 10 pro and only have Cubase Elements as I work with a producer and we exchange files. Cubase has started crashing or literally just disappearing then (even though I manually save after every 10 mins or so) saying the file doesn’t exist. Every time I open it now I expect to have lost work. When I find the saved file I’ve generally lost six hours work.

As I recall, they were never all fixed, but the system stabilized. The bad news: I think I eventually did a clean OS reinstall just to be safe after a few update glitches continued to occur. Restoring a previous config was of no use, since I didn’t know when the problem began and would have been putting the same corrupt files back. At least the short term fix gave me some flexibility until I could reinstall at a more convenient time … like there is such a thing :wink:.

Sorry to see you had another crash Suprawill1. May be time to bite the bullet. You might want to ask around, even on MS forums, on any tricks for preserving preferences for your 3rd party plugs (obviously backup up CB & other presets).

Btw, sorry, don’t remember what previous v’s of CB you have … does this happen with/have you tried reinstalling 10 or 10.5 to see if this happens? Unfortunately though, this sounds like Win10.

The 1 piece of good news - I haven’t had any issues since the clean install. Good luck!

Thanks for everyone’s help. I believe I found my problem and will not have to perform a clean install of W10.
My interface had the driver for W8.1, 8, 7 & Vista installed. I replaced it with the W10 driver and all seems to be ok now. That would also explain why my other drive with a previous working version of W10 reacted the same way. I’ve been through a few crash free sessions, both in the accounts of W10 and CB11. Fingers still crossed.